1. Download the ZIP file from your account.
  2. Extract the file.
  3. Extracted folder contain two separate ZIP files (2 plugins).
  4. Upload both plugins to your wordpress plugin dashboard individually
  1. Download PoEdit.
  2. Open the easy-login-woocommerce.pot file in PoEdit. (/plugins/easy-login-woocommerce/languages/ easy-login-woocommerce.pot)
  3. Create new translation & translate the text.
  4. Save the translated file with name “easy-login-woocommerce-Language_code”. For eg: German(easy-login-woocommerce-de_DE) , French(easy-login-woocommerce-fr_FR). — Language code list
  5. Save Location: Your wordpress directory/wp-content/languages/
Use shortcode [xoo_el_action] to include it anywhere on the website.
login: [xoo_el_action type="login" change_to="logout"]
Register: [xoo_el_action type="register" change_to="myaccount"]
Lost Password: [xoo_el_action type="lost-password"]
Attributes- type refers to form type , change_to refers to logged in link.

You can also trigger popup using class.
Login – xoo-el-login-tgr
Register – xoo-el-reg-tgr
Lost Password – xoo-el-lostpw-tgr
For eg: <a class="xoo-el-login-tgr">Login</a>
Setup Social Accounts (PRO)
  1. Create a new facebook App here
  2. Open your APP and go to settings -> basic
  3. Add your website domain under APP Domains & set privacy URL.
  4. Save the Changes.
  5. Copy your APP ID
  6. Go to your wordpress dashboard -> Social Login -> Facebook & Paste the APP ID there

  1. Sign in to your google account
  2. Vist google developers
  3. Click on configure project button
  4. Create a new project
  5. Under "Configure your OAuth client" select Web Server
  6. Copy Your client ID
  7. Go to your API Console
  8. Navigate to Credentials -> Web client (Auto-created for Google Sign-in)
  9. Set your website URL under "Authorized JavaScript origins" & "Authorized redirect URIs"
  10. Go to your wordpress dashboard -> Social Login -> Google & Paste the Client ID there
Override Templates
Plugin template files are under easy-login-woocommerce/templates folder.
Copy the template file to your theme/templates folder.
Make the desired changes there.
Feel free to use Live Chat