Google Firebase

Duration: 5 minutes

  1. Login to your Firebase console
  2. Click on Create project, enter a name & continue
  3. Click on Authentication
  4. Navigate to Sign-in Method and click on Phone
  5. Enable Phone
  6. Phone numbers for testing (optional)
    Do not put your real phone number for testing otherwise you will not receive SMS. The phone number for testing should be a fake one. For eg: you can use +1 650-555-3434 & 123456 as a verification code. Click on add & save.
  7. Go to Settings -> Authorized Domains and add your domain name. Copy your domain name from wordpress dashboard -> settings -> general -> Site address (URL )
  8. Switch to Templates tab & set your SMS language from there. Unfortunately google does not allow you to change message text & number of digits ( fixed to 6 )
  9. Setup API Keys
    Click on the settings icon from the left & navigate to project settings.
  10. Under "Your Apps" section, click on the web icon
  11. Add your application name to be shown in SMS & register app
  12. Click on continue to console. Your web app will be listed.
  13. Click on Config radio under Firebase SDK Snippet.
    Copy everything within the brackets, including brackets as well. (See Screenshot) Do not copy "const firebaseconfig ="
  14. Go to your wordpess dashboard -> Mobile login settings -> Services & paste the selected text in config option under "Firebase settings"
  15. Similarly copy your API key from the console & paste it in your settings
  16. That's it. Enjoy the plugin.