You get 15$ for testing
  1. Download the Twilio SDK from here
  2. Upload the downloaded zip file to your
    wordpress directory/wp-content/uploads/xootix-sms-sdks folder.
    You can either do this via hosting panel or use this plugin
    For PRO users - You can skip this step and simply go to OTP plugin settings and click on "Download SDK" from there
  3. Go to your OTP login settings page and select Twilio as your phone operator. Make sure to click on save, even if its already selected.
  4. Signup for Twilio. Use below link to get 10$ on your first spending
  5. Quickly setup your account & skip to dashboard.
  6. Click on "Get a Trial Number".
  7. From your dashboard, copy "Account SID, Auth Token, Trial Number" to your mobile login service settings.
  8. If you're still on a Trial account, you need to verify phone number where you want to receive SMS for testing. You can add numbers here
    Verfied Numbers