Sign in with Apple

Requires apple developer account
  1. Get an apple developer account & login
  2. Navigate to account & click on "Certificates, IDs & Profiles"
  3. Navigate to the identifiers page, click the plus sign to create a new identifier:
  4. On the Register a New Identifier page, select "App IDs" and then click Continue
  5. On the Register a new identifier page, select App and then click Continue:
  6. Enter description and bundle ID. Apple recommends using a reverse-domain name string as the bundle ID. For example, if your domain is then your bundle ID would be com.xootix.applelogin
  7. Under capabilites, scroll down & select "Sign In with Apple" and then click "Configure"
  8. Verify that Enable as a primary App ID is selected and then click Save
  9. Click Register, your new app ID appears in the list of identifiers.
  10. On the Identifiers page, click the plus sign to create a new identifier.
  11. Select Service IDs and then click Continue:
  12. Enter a services ID in the Identifier field. It cannot be same as your bundle ID. For example, you can add com.xootix.appleloginservice
  13. Click on continue and then register. The new service identifier appears in your list of identifiers.
  14. Click on your new service identifier and then, on the Edit your Services ID Configuration page, click "Configure" next to "Sign in with Apple".
  15. On the Web Authentication Configuration page, click the Primary App ID dropdown list and select your application.
  16. Under domains and subdomains, add your domain name.
  17. Under "Return URLs", copy your website URL from your wp-admin -> settings -> general page and paste it here
  18. Click next and done.
  19. On the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles page, click Keys
  20. Click the blue and white plus sign to create a new key:
  21. Enter the key name and check "Sign in with apple", click on configure button next to it.
  22. Select the Primary app id and click on save, continue and register.
  23. Download your key & Open this key file in text editor such as notepad
  24. Navigate to wp-admin -> social login plugin settings -> apple tab
  25. Copy all the text from your key file and paste it in the "Private key" option under plugin settings.
  26. Navigate to your apple keys and select the created key. You will find the KEY ID there, copy and paste it in the "KEY ID" option under plugin settings.
  27. Navigate to identifiers, select the created identifier and copy the "Team ID/APP ID" from there and paste it in the "Team ID" option under plugin settings.
  28. Navigate to identifiers -> services IDS , copy the "Identifier" value from there and paste it in the "Client ID" option under plugin settings.