Sign in with Google

  1. Go to google cloud console
  2. Navigate to "API & Services"
  3. Create Project if it doesn't exist
  4. Navigate to Library
  5. Search google+ and enable it
  6. Navigate to "Credentials", you will find it on the very left side. (Sidebar)
  7. Click on "Create Credentials" and select "OAuth Client ID"
  8. Click on "Configure Consent Screen" if it shows up, otherwise skip.
    1. Select external and create. (Configure Consent Screen)
    2. Fill only the required information and keep clicking "Save and continue" (Configure Consent Screen)
    3. Select Credentials from your left panel.
    4. Click on "Create Credentials" and select "OAuth Client ID"
  9. Select web application as your "application type"
  10. Add your website URL under "Authorized JavaScript origins". Copy your website URL from wp-admin -> settings -> general
  11. Copy your client ID and paste it under plugin settings -> google -> client id.