Sign in with X (Twitter)

  1. Create a free X Developer account
  2. Describe your your "use case" & submit. You can copy the text from below and paste

    To enable my website users to log in with X, I will be utilizing this developer account. This integration will enhance the user experience by providing a seamless and secure authentication process. It will allow users to access our services using their existing X credentials, streamlining registration and login procedures. By leveraging X's robust security features, we can ensure the protection of user data while simplifying account management. This approach not only improves convenience for our users but also enhances the overall efficiency and security of our website. Implementing X login will contribute significantly to user satisfaction and engagement.
  3. From your dashboard, click on app settings.
  4. Click on app setup.
  5. Set app permissions to "Read" and check "Request email from users". Set "Type of App" to "Native App".
  6. Go to wp-admin -> settings -> general and copy your website URL from there.
  7. Paste the website URL under "Callback URI/Redirect URL". Fill other required fields and save.
  8. Navigate to Keys & Tokens and click on "Regenerate" under "Consumer Keys"
  9. Copy the keys and paste it under plugin settings -> X(Twitter) Tab